Providing the knowledge you need to thrive financially

We understand the challenges you face in making a living and managing your money. Our financial counselors and teachers – with years of experience – are here to serve you. Our goal is to empower you with information that will help you survive and thrive in today's difficult financial climate.

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Credit Counseling

Bankruptcy 1st Certificate

Our online or telephone counseling sessions will qualify you to receive a pre-bankruptcy certificate which is required before filing bankruptcy.

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Use our convenient online form to provide your financial information (income, expenses, assets and debts). A counselor will review it and email recommendations to you that you can implement now.

$24.00 per household


Schedule an appointment to speak with one of our counselors. You can discuss your concerns, ask questions, and receive information you can use today.

$30.00 per person -or- $40.00 per couple

Debtor Education Course

Bankruptcy 2nd Certificate

Our online or telephone financial management class will qualify you to receive a pre-discharge certificate, if you have already filed a bankruptcy.

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Learn how to use simple tools and resources to take control of your money with our online personal financial management class. You will receive information you can use not only today, but throughout the rest of your life.

$12.50 per person


A teacher, skilled in credit and money management, leads a convenient, group telephone course.

$25.00 per person -or- $40.00 per couple


Mesquite Teens

For years, adult clients have asked us, "Why didn't we learn these money management skills before we got out of high school?" They believe financial problems might have been avoided if they had only known how money works in real life (IRL). We listened and have introduced a program for teens – Money IRL.

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Financial Coaching

From one month to the next, if you find yourself with more month than money, wondering if you can ever retire or looking to get out of debt – you could benefit from working with a financial coach. You do not have to navigate the current economy alone. In one-on-one phone sessions, a coach will help you set short term and long term goals and guide you toward positive changes in financial behavior.

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Continuing Education for Financial Professionals

The Mesquite Group proudly offers self-paced continuing education classes (CEUs) for personal finance professionals. Topics are relevant to current issues affecting the financial counseling community and all classes are pre-approved for credit with AFCPE®.

What our clients are saying about us

My telephone counselor was extremely kind and understanding. She explained and answered my questions very clearly and did not make me feel unworthy or insulted in any way. She was very kind, understanding and helpful. Continue with the great work you are doing. It was a delight to have the help and understanding I received from the counselor.

Sharon B. – Harrisburg, PA

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