We provide financial counseling with care

We understand how attorneys feel about credit counseling requirements. This company is dedicated to providing your clients with an efficient, fairly priced, high quality financial counseling session in a respectful and dignified manner. Our customer service is second to none in this industry.

You will find communication between The Mesquite Group and your office to be attentive and cordial. We understand the routines and deadlines of law offices and you can count on us to forward your client’s certificates promptly through fax or email.

Special invoice for client’s counseling sessions

We can either take a payment from your clients at the time they register or you can be assigned an Attorney Code to be billed for their session. Your clients will provide the code when registering; this signifies payment will be deferred and you will be billed at the end of the month.

If you use an Attorney Code, a monthly statement will be sent for your review before payment is expected. You may pay by check, debit,or credit card. Call or email our corporate office to make these arrangements.

The Mesquite Group, Inc.

The Mesquite Group, Inc. is not associated with creditors nor does it receive any support from creditors. Its only source of income is from payments for services provided by those seeking financial counseling.

The Mesquite Group, Inc. is approved by the U.S. Trustees to provide Credit Counseling and Debtor’s Education courses under BAPCPA

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Attorney Partner Seal Code

When you display The Mesquite Group Attorney Partner seal on your website, it is easier for your clients to access our website and ensure that they complete their requirements with us. To display the Attorney Partner seal, copy and paste the code provided below into the appropriate area(s) of your website. You may need to contact your web developer for assistance.

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