Our certified counselors are experienced in developing and delivering financial education and counseling services. Our goal is to provide individuals and families with the tools and information they need to secure their financial future. Our services are confidential and available over the telephone or via the Internet.

Our Classes & Services

Bankruptcy Counseling

The Mesquite Group is approved by the United States Trustee Program to issue Credit Counseling and Debtor Education certificates in compliance with the bankruptcy code. Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of an agency's services.

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Credit Counseling (1st Certificate)

BEFORE filing for bankruptcy, the law requires that you complete a credit counseling session. The Credit Counseling Certificate is issued upon completion and must be filed with your petition. The information presented during the session will provide you with a better understanding of your financial picture and options to improve your personal finances.

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Debtor Education (2nd Certificate)

AFTER filing for bankruptcy, the law requires that you complete a Personal Financial Management course. Please note: in order to register for this course you must have your bankruptcy case ID number. The information presented in the course provides foundational knowledge for getting your finances back on track including goal setting, establishing a budget and important consumer information.

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Supportive Assistance for Attorneys

We provide financial counseling with care and are dedicated to providing your clients with an efficient, fairly priced, high quality financial counseling session in a respectful and dignified manner. Our customer service is second to none in this industry.

You will find communication between The Mesquite Group and your office to be attentive and cordial. We understand the routines and deadlines of law offices and you can count on us to forward your clients certificates promptly through fax or email.

We can either take a payment from your clients at the time they register or you can be assigned an Attorney Code to be billed for their session. Your clients will provide the code when registering; this signifies payment will be deferred and you will be billed at the end of the month.

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Mesquite Teens

For years, adults clients have asked us, "Why didn't we learn these money management skills before we got out of high school?" They believe financial problems might have been avoided if they had only known how money works in real life (IRL). We listened and have introduced a program for teens – Money IRL.

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